About us



Sunshine World Limited Liability Company was established in 2015 so that clean and life giving light energies of our Sun could be transformed into electric power in the most humane way. This energy with the help of local electric providers can be delivered to households and enterprises and can serve as a genuine alternative for meeting everyday energy needs.

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for our homes or businesses. Solar power is a rapidly developing energy source around the world. The potential for using the sun to directly supply our power needs is huge. Once made, solar systems can generate electricity without any waste or pollution. This means that there is no dependence on the Earth’s natural resources.

We, the owners of Sunshine World Ltd. are still young enough to believe in our cleaner and smarter future. There is still hope that in the next decades our children and grandchildren would live in a friendlier and brighter World (in a ’Sunshine World’) that treats with natural resources more humanely.